Buzz's Business

Recently, Buzz has been coaching at the 'One Retreat', a "passion driven experience" set up by Shaa Wasmund, for women who want "to drive their life and business forward".

Read more about the one retreat at

On top of that, buzz has become a mentor at 'Fine cell work', 'a charity and social enterprise which enables prisoners to build fulfilling and crime-free lives', supporting the production line, the charity, but most importantly the prisoners it represents.

Explore their work at, or sign up to their newsletter at

Speaking of charity, Buzz has also been getting her hands in The House of St. Barnabus' mentoring team, working not only to improve the lives of homeless people through empowerment and respect, but to create a farer future for all.

- 'Cause, Collaborate, Community' - as their motto goes.

Check out their Soho-based club and events at

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